The staff ratio in this unit is 1:3. Each little one is always given lots of tender loving care by qualified nursery practitioners. Individual feeding and sleeping patterns, which have already been established by the baby's parents, are adhered to. Physical and mental development is encouraged with one-to-one attention from their key workers. Each baby has his/her own Learning Journal with photographs and 'wow moment' notes on their development.

Detailed liaison between parents and the Nursery Practitioner caring for their baby is a two-way communication, which takes place daily.

Daily diaries are also available. Stimulating toys, books, mobiles, pictures, and music are used to encourage the babies' development.

Daily activities include:

• baking
• art and craft
• music and movement
• construction
• imaginative play
• messy play (sand, water, flour and painting).

Areas are available for rest and sleep periods.

Plenty of outdoor play activities take place daily.

By the time the children are 'rising three' they will be curious to know what happens in the Butterflies Group. This may be the time for a meeting between the child's parents and his/her Key Practitioner who will doubtless all agree that it is 'time to move on'.