About Us

About Us

About Us

Millwood House Day Nursery is homely and fun, where the care, education and welfare of young children is of paramount importance.

Established in 1991, the philosophy at Millwood House has remained unchanged; to respect and recognise each child as an individual, encouraging laughter and fun in a warm, happy, secure environment.

There is everything to offer a child at Millwood House Nursery, whatever their age or stage of development. The nursery has extensive grounds with room for the children to run and laugh and breathe fresh air.

With a combined service of over 50 years at Millwood House Nursery, our Management Team and Practitioners have a good mix of qualifications and experience. Ongoing training ensures a freshness and vitality that shows on the faces of all those who work within the Millwood House 'Family'.

What Our Parents Say...

... you have created a happy, comfortable atmosphere at the nursery and it is reflected in my child's behaviour. Eddie has formed good relationships and made friends, and is very sociable. I know that you have been greatly involved in his development and security...

Mrs J

... the happy and friendly team at Millwood provide a family atmosphere for our children...

I have to say that we are both delighted with Millwood House Nursery and the care it offers to our son, Gaspard. The whole team are fantastic. I am happy with the activities and see the constant progress that he is making. I love the little presents the children craft for the parents and the whole Christmas experience was simply amazing this year. I wish you the best and hope that you will receive the support that you deserve. Thank you for taking such good care of our son!

Emmanuelle Spriet Toussaint

May I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to each and everyone of the staff who over the past fours years have been absolutely fantastic. I have been completely at ease at leaving my son in your care and have never had a seconds doubt as to his happiness, nurture and education. You have a superb team and I shall most certainly recommend you to anyone who should be in need of a nursery.

Mr & Mrs C

An essential part of my life has been finding an appropriate nursery which can act as a stepping stone into education without neglecting the importance of play. Millwood House fits this criteria.

Millwood House has set such an excellent standard of caring, that it'll be hard to find anything as good.

... I just can't thank you enough for four years of support and teaching of our children...

I have visited many nurseries before finding Millwood House Initially, I was very impressed by the location, the size of the Nursery and the grounds, but I was still apprehensive above leaving my child in the care of someone other than me - after all we have been together solidly, without separation for two years. I was both heartbroken and delighted to find that my son is no longer interested in spending every waking hour with me, but actually asks to go to nursery even at weekends! Millwood House have given him the opportunity to socialise with other children and develop at his own rate, in a safe and happy environment.

We appreciate the excellent care, attention and teaching that has been provided by all the staff. Our Daughter has been given such a vast variety of experiences with all of the activities. She has learnt a great deal and I am sure that the Nursery has played a large part in that. The beautiful setting of the garden and play area at Millwood just completes the picture.

As two busy, working parents, it is essential that we feel comfortable and relaxed about the kind of care our son receives, which we have found at Millwood House.

About Us

Our in-house chef has a fresh approach to meals, bringing world dishes to the menu while paying attention to the nutritional needs that maintain a young child's health. Staff join our youngsters at the table and everyone eats together to encourage good eating habits and good 'old fashioned' table manners.

Breakfast, two-course Lunch. and two-course Afternoon Tea are available plus healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. Cool drinking water and fresh milk are available all day.

Our chef caters for all dietary requirements.

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
South Buckinghamshire District Council

Please see sample menus

About Us

Millwood House provides a wide range of equipment for play and learning and has explored the true psychology of childcare. This is demonstrated through day-to-day nursery practices, giving children the opportunity to be themselves by recognising their individual potential.

While life is often fast for us as adults, we recognise that children have their own pace, their own tastes and their own way of learning; we nurture and encourage this in the way we play and talk with our young children. Babies too have a very significant place with us and learn how to socialise and play through observation, emulation and contact with the other children; integration is important for all children and we encourage socialisation.

Regulated and inspected under the Children's Act by OFSTED to ensure that our practices and
procedures follow all day care procedures. Read what our parents have to say.