Pre-School - Butterflies Group

Pre-School - Butterflies Group

The staff ratio for the Pre-school unit is 1:8. We strongly believe that children learn through play and for this purpose appropriate equipment and materials are available to enrich the children's enthusiasm to learn.

All children are encouraged to use the computers located within the Pre-School unit. Themes are selected monthly and visits are arranged from local 'people who help us', such as fire fighters and policemen, when appropriate to the topic.

Each child will continue to have their own Learning Journal which has accompanied them throughout their journey from Caterpillars to Butterflies. This Learning Journal will continue to detail their individual development to date including 'wow moments' and photos.

Children leaving Millwood House for 'Big School' graduate in cap and gown at our Graduation Ceremony. This is always well attended by parents and extended family members and traditionally becomes an afternoon tea party in our large garden. There is often a tear of pride and happiness shed as each child graduates - and that's just from the Millwood House Team!

Every child who leaves Millwood House is well prepared for entrance into any private or state school. Leaver's reports are supplied on request.