Health & Safety Policy - COVID-19

Health & Safety Policy - COVID-19


  • Staff will arrive in fresh, clean uniform each day. Outdoor clothing and footwear will not be permitted to be worn in Millwood House.
  • On arrival staff will take own temperature and record - anyone with a high temperature (over 37.8°C) will not be permitted to enter Millwood House and will be asked to return home to have a Covid-19 test. Return to work will be subject to a Negative result.
  • Morning staff will ensure that tissues are readily available with bins, which will be lined with a bag and emptied, safely, every day.
  • Morning staff will ensure all surfaces, handrails and door handles are wiped down with antibacterial spray in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • All children will wash their hands upon arrival at Millwood House for a minimum of 20 seconds and periodically throughout the day.
  • Children will be collected from the Parent/Carer's cars at 5-minute intervals by a member of the staffing team, to enable time for each child to have their outdoor clothing removed, shoes changed, and hands washed for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Both staff and parents must wear face coverings whilst children are being dropped off/collected.
  • Parents are not permitted to leave their car whilst in the Millwood House car park.
  • No parents will be permitted entry to the Millwood House environment
  • Children may not bring in any toys, food or items from home. Children requiring comforters when sleeping will be permitted to bring them in, however these must be kept in their own sealed bag when not being used. The child will have the comforter during nap time after which it will be replaced into its sealed bag.
  • If any child becomes unwell while at Millwood House, the parents will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their child. The child will be isolated with one member of staff until collected. The family will be requested to have a Covid-19 test and re-admission to the Nursery will be subject to a Negative result
  • Where social distancing cannot be observed, such as with younger children, effective infection protection and control will be increased
  • On departure all children will be brought out to the Parent/Carer's car by a staff member.
  • Handovers to parents will be completed minimally, ensuring social distancing of 2 metres is always ensured.
  • On departure staff will ensure all surfaces, handrails and door handles are wiped down with antibacterial spray in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • All staff will go straight home, after their shift, shower and change into fresh clothes, ensuring that their uniform is washed and cleaned for the next day.

*What the day will look like for the children*

Snack and mealtimes

  • All tables and chairs will be washed and sanitised before all meals and snacks
  • All children and staff will wash their hands, for a minimum of 20 seconds, prior to eating
  • All meals and snacks will be delivered to the rooms by the cook, no other person may enter the kitchen and food preparation areas at all
  • At the end of each meal all children and staff will wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • At the end of each meal all tables and chairs will be washed and sanitised
  • All staff will wear the suitable PPE for the duration of meals.

Activities and play

  • Where possible, children will be in the outdoor environment throughout the day, within their age groups. Additional equipment and outdoor gazebos etc will be provided
  • Millwood House environment will be set up in a way that encourages social distancing
  • Storytime will continue while observing social distancing
  • All activities will be carried out in small groups
  • All resources and equipment are risk assessed for virus spread risk and will be removed, adapted or made for single use
  • All equipment, resources and toys will be washed and sterilised after use, and recorded

Sleep and rest time

  • Social distancing will be observed, with placement of beds and cots to encourage this
  • Bedding is washed weekly at a high temperature, to ensure minimised virus spread risk
  • Any dummies used for sleep must remain at Millwood House and be sterilised after each use


  • Only staff attending the setting for work purposes will be permitted to enter Millwood House
  • All staff attending the setting have read, understood, and agree to adhere to the Health & Safety Policy - Covid 19
  • All staff must undertake a Lateral Flow Test twice weekly - once at the weekend and once in the middle of the week. The results of these are to be logged on the website and recorded in the Millwood House Nursery file. Staff recording a positive Lateral Flow result must inform the Nursery immediately and both the individual and Nursery must follow the current Government Guidelines on testing and self- isolation.
  • Wherever possible staff should take their lunch break outdoors.
  • Staff must not leave Millwood House premises during their shift unless in the case of a medical appointment or emergency.
  • Staff must not gather together in enclosed spaces; staff rooms are not to be used unless by 1 staff member at a time and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitised after each use.
  • Staff must shower and wear clean uniform each day, travelling only between their homes and Millwood House.
  • Staff who use public transport will ensure that they maintain social distancing during their journey and take all precautionary steps as laid out by the Government guidance i.e wearing of face covers and sanitising of hands
  • Staff will ensure that should they or anyone from their household become unwell or demonstrate Covid 19 symptoms; they will follow the Government guidelines for Covid 19 and notify Millwood House.

Effective infection protection and control

  • Staff and families must ensure that they minimise contact with individuals who are unwell: i.e. those who have coronavirus symptoms, or someone in their household who does. If they do have contact, they do not attend Millwood House in line with Government guidelines.
  • Hand washing on a more often than usual basis will be observed - washing hands, front and back, thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and drying them thoroughly with single use paper towels or using alcohol hand sanitiser, ensuring that all parts of the hand are covered.
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene - promoting the "catch it, bin it, kill it" approach.
  • Cleaning frequently all 'touched' surfaces using hot soapy water and anti-bacterial spray, bleach solution is permitted at the end of the day and at weekends.
  • Minimising contact and mixing by altering, as much as possible, the environment, routines, etc.
  • Following all updated guidance as and when.
  • Completed records of all cleaning, sterilising, and temperatures to be maintained as a priority.
  • When dealing with any bodily fluids staff will wear effective PPE.


  • Visitors to Millwood House Nursery are accepted on an appointment only basis.
  • All Visitors are required to carry out a Lateral Flow Test within 2 days prior to appointment. Entry to the Nursery will only be permitted upon receipt of a Negative Lateral Flow Test result.
  • The member of Millwood House Nursery staff meeting with the Visitor must wear a face mask at all times.
  • All Visitors must wear masks upon entry to the Nursery Car Park. These must remain in situ until they have left the Nursery Car Park at the end of their visit.
  • All Visitors must have their temperature recorded prior to entry to the Nursery. This is to be recorded in the Visitor's Book. Entry to the Nursery will be refused to those whose temperature exceeds 37.8°C
  • All Visitors must sanitise their hands upon entry to the Nursery and refrain from touching toys/surfaces throughout their visit.
  • Visits to the Nursery should be brief and functional ensuring that the Visitors are inside the Nursery premises for as short a period as possible.

MHN H&S Policy Covid-19 - May 2020 Reviewed: April 2021