The Millwood House 1-2-3 Introduction Programme

The Millwood House 1-2-3 Introduction Programme


Leaving a child for the first time can be upsetting for any parent or carer, which is where Millwood House tries to make the transition as gentle as possible by following an induction programme:

1. Book your place;

2. Spend some time within the nursery together with your child until
you feel comfortable enough to leave;

3. Bring your child in and say a 'happy good-bye', safe in the
knowledge that he or she are happy to be left with our trained
nursery officers.

Key Workers - Your child will be appointed a 'key worker' who will keep a schedule of his/her progress ready to discuss with you at any time.

Parents' Evenings (PTA Meetings) - Partly educational/partly social, PTA meetings gives parents a chance to discuss their child's progress in depth with key workers. It is also an opportunity to meet other parents and share ideas with each other. Millwood House encourages parent participation as we recognise that inspiration comes from outside as well as within.

Newsletters - We encourage parents and staff to offer articles, news items and stories for publication in our newsletters.